Wall tiles and floor tiles

These are the characteristics of two basic concepts in the world of ceramics.

If you are planning a new project or a renovation of an existing space and you want to use ceramic tiles, before you start you must be clear about the differences between wall and floor tiles in order to choose the most suitable products for your project and not regret your decision later on. Having a clear idea of what each material is going to be used for is fundamental to guarantee good use and perfect maintenance.


In general terms, we can say that wall tiling refers to the wall and floor tiling to the floor, but there are many specific characteristics  that sometimes make them completely different materials. After all, the use given to the walls and floors of a house is also completely different.


  • Wall tiles are the vertical wall of our projects and, as with floor tiles, they can also be manufactured with different materials (white or red body) and finishes (natural, gloss, matt…), depending on the effects that we want to achieve and the texture that we want to reproduce in the collection.


  • Floor tiles, on the other hand, are used to cover the floor of any home or establishment. Depending on the materials and their characteristics, we can find different types of floors: indoor, outdoor, non-slip, high traffic, frost resistant… It all depends on the use we are going to give it, where we are going to place it and the resistance we need.


However, not only their use is different. Often, the technical characteristics of one and the other are different, since floor tiles require more resistance to impact than wall tiles and, therefore, their manufacturing process is different.


Stronger materials will require higher firing temperatures to ensure durability and strength.


Floor tiles are usually square or rectangular, larger or smaller in size, while wall tiles are usually rectangular and have decorative pieces to make them more versatile and more attractive for decoration projects. However, formats can also vary. In fact, in recent years, the emergence of a wide range of ceramic tile sizes has been enormous. As a matter of fact, it is common to see pieces of different sizes combined with each other.


Did you know that there are also materials that are suitable for both floor and wall tiles? This is the case with most porcelain stoneware collections, which are ideal for floors, but are perfectly suitable for walls, creating harmonious spaces with visual continuity.


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