Satin or polished? How to choose ceramic finishes

The decision depends on your taste and the uses you are going to give to the ceramic tiles.


Choosing tiles for a new building or for a refurbishment can be an unmanageable process if we take into account all the small decisions we have to make: Porcelain or gres? Do we want the pieces rectified? Large format or smaller dimensions? And so on, until we reach the finishes that give the final appearance to a collection.  Although many customers still find it difficult to go beyond the difference between gloss and matt, the truth is that there are more finishes that give even more richness and versatility to ceramic collections.


If we are sure that we like glossy pieces, we have plenty to choose from, but the finishes that reign in ceramic collections are satin and polished. In reality, they are two different finishes in terms of result and manufacture, so it is not complicated to differentiate between them. However, in order to be clear about which one to choose, we must take into account several factors:


  • Our preferences:

Do we want to shape the interior with a high gloss and luminosity? Then it is clear that we should choose a collection that has a polished finish available. Are we more into subtle gloss and silky-looking textures? Then we can stick to tiles with a satin finish. If that is our fundamental criteria, the decision is made.


  • The use of the tiles:

We may love a glossy finish, but we are looking for a bathroom floor tile. Then a polished finish is not going to be the smartest choice. Both finishes, polished and satin, have different production processes and therefore different performances. While satin has a silky smooth effect that reflects light and has no danger of slipping, polished tiles have undergone a polishing process and can be slippery when wet. Therefore, if we are talking about bathrooms or damp spaces, it is always better to opt for satin for the flooring.


  • The appearance we are looking for:

Perhaps we are looking for a collection of tiles that reproduce the look of wood or we may be opting for natural stone. In this case, the choice of satin or polished finishes will also depend on the finish that the material has in nature. For example, if we opt for a stone that reproduces the smooth and elegant texture of slate, we can opt for a satin finish, but if what we like is the glossy shine of marble, we will have to choose a collection with a polished finish.


Therefore, deciding on one or the other finish will depend on a mixture of factors, from our own personal preferences to the needs we are going to have due to the different usage of the materials.


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